Commercial Institution

Dr.Kutaiba Hasan

Chairman of KH Group

I am glad to welcome you to our humble company.
we are proud to connect us with values such as accountability, integrity and emotional service. Our greatest measure of success is the myriad of clients who benefit from our products and services provided every day.
Part of the strength of any board comes from a mix of skills and experience around the table. That is why I am happy to thank my colleagues and staff for their loyalty.


Dr.Kutaiba Hasan
Chairman of KH Group

"We are close, We are ready, We look forward to providing our best for your satisfaction."

KH Group

About Us

This foundation started its work in commerce within the Republic of Belarus in 1995, as its commercial activity diversified in all commercial fields, and then it moved to the Syrian market through its license to kutaiba Hasan Trading Establishment in Syria in early 2014.
The kutaiba Hasan Commercial Corporation is one of the most important institutions that participate in most tenders announced by government and private agencies in addition to the Syrian ministries (Ministry of Works and Housing,
Ministry of Local Administration, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade, Ministry of Higher Education).


Excellence and specialization in establishing commercial operations that meet the needs of society from basic materials.


Superiority in the field of business, social and humanitarian to serve society and people.


Upgrading commercial activities to reach international levels to be able to compete with major international companies.

We hope that we will be able to meet your needs and requests with love and sincerity.

“KH Family ”